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Large Outdoor Storage Tank

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It is suitable for large-scale dairy stations or dairy factories to store cooling fresh milk. It can also be used for other food and pharmaceutical factories to store liquid materials. The equipment is equipped with washing system, mixing system, lighting and perspective device, temperature indicator and liquid level indicator.

Large Outdoor Storage Tank

Material: all material used is high quality SUS304-2B or 316L stainless steel.
Structure: cylindrical shape, conical top cover of 15 degree, with skirt base; with PU(Polyurethane )as heat insulation; with cooling dimple pad at tank wall and base
Volume range: 15, 000L-120, 000L
Standard attachments:
a)One air tight side manway,
b)One side mounted agitator,
c)One PT100 thermometer, temperature range 0-100' C
d) Two cip cleaning ball
e)One aseptic sample valve
f) Anti butterfly and dirt air vent
g)Product inlet/outlet
h)Cooling medium inlet/outle
i) Level sensor
j)Ladder with circle protection and protection fence at tank top