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Wine Fermenting Tank

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Product introduction
Fixed-capacity dry white wine fermentation and storage tanks designed for dry white wine. These come from Sylvania design aesthetic side of the tank with elliptical manhole, a two-inch outfall, Filling a two-inch hole, a samp/ing valve and many more accessories(see the following attached Parts)to ensure high-quality wines and ease of use Gradient of 10%(optional 15% or 35%).The end
of the ramp structure makes it easier fermentation and emptied. These can also be equipped with temperature control system(Jacket, double bottom,temperature controller, etc.

Drain port DKE 2''TRI CLOVER(tanks 500GAL, 750GAL and 1000GAL)or DKC 2''TRI CLOVER(tanks 1500GAL AND2000GAL)
Racking port 2'' TRI CLOVER
Sample valve port 3/4'' TRI CLOVER
Oval manway 310 x 440mm, the frame seamlessly formed out of the tank
wall(tanks 500GAL )or oval manway Top manway 420mm
Connection for thermometer/2'' NPT
connection for probe1/2'' NPT
Cooling jacket Vt h750mm 6bar
Lifting rings
Ladder holder width 410mm

Sample valve 3/4'' TRI CLOVER
Clamp 3/4'' TRI CLOVER
Gasket 3/4'' TR CLOVER
Preesure compensating valve DIN 50
Material: Als316l-tank id: AIS304-OTHER PARTS