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Fresh Milk Cooling Tank

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Fresh Milk Cooling Tank

Mainly used for cool and storage for fresh milk, also can be used to cooling or storage for other liguid product. The cooling tank is the key equipment for the mechanical milking system in the dairy farms.Also widely used in the manual milking farm and milk collection centers, and milk production plants, which can keep the fresh milk at best state and prevent the bacterial growing.

1. The tank wall use advanced dimple pad as evaporator exchange the heat directly with the milk inside.
2. The refrigeration compressor is imported from France, which composed of full closed compressor and imported expanding valve and electromagnetism valve.The system has reliable midpoint protection device to protect the compressor being burned resulted from the overloading or svstem trouble.
3. All of SUS 304 or 316L stainless steel, with CIP, cleaning ball and Auto-stirring system.
4. The thermal insulation layer is made of polyurethane foam with good thermal insulation performance.


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