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Three-way Magnetic Filter

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CB-1-II three-way magnetic filter is widely used in pigments, dyes,etrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics and other industries.It can effectively remove iron impurities in the process of liquid
slurry transportation, reduce the content of iron ions in products and improve the quality of products. The utility model has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient installation and
operation, etc.

working principle
In the process of liquid slurry transportation, when slurry passes through the filter, it is affected by the magnetism of strong magnetic rod. The iron impurities in slurry are adsorbed on the magnetic rod casing, which greatly reduces the ron impurities in slurry and ensures the effective control of iron impurities in the next process.

Installation and use.
The interface of the three-way magnetic filter is connected with the slurry output pipeline to make the slurry flow uniformly through the filter. After a period of trial, the cleaning period is determined. When cleaning, first loosen the clamp screw, take out the casing cover parts, then twist off the butterfly screw, pull out the magnetic rod, the iron impurities adsorbed on the casing can fall off automatically After cleaning and installation, the casing is first loaded into the cylinder body, the clamp screw is tightened, and then the magnetic rod cover is inserted into the casing to continue to use.

1. When cleaning, the magnetic rod cover can not be placed on the metal object to prevent damage to the magnetic rod.
2. The extracted magnetic rod must be placed in a clean place, and no water can accumulate in the magnetic rod casing.
3. It is strictly forbidden to clasp magnetic rods with iron obiects in order to avoid pinching or breaking fingers.

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