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Drawer Type Magnetic Filter

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Product Overview
Drawer magnetic filter is widely used in iron removal of powder materials, chemical industry, pigments, dyes, food, ceramics,plastics and other industries. The machine has the characteristics of
strong magnetic induction, permanent magnetic force and easy cleaning.

Working principle and cleaning up:
As shown in the installation diagram, the flange on the filter is connected with the material inlet. The material passes through the magnetic rod casing, and the iron impurities in the material are
adsorbed on the surface of the casing. When cleaning, the inlet is closed, the clamping screw is loosened, the magnetic rod assembl is pulled out, and then the magnetic rod casing is removed. The iron impurities on the surface of the casing and the magnetic rod are separated and automatically dropped into the waste collection barrel.

1. It is strictly forbidden to contact with each other or other metal objects after the magnetic rod is drawn out
2. The magnetic rod should be placed in a clean place without iron material.


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