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Single-Seat Valve

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Single-seat valve is designed with very flexible and hygienic, requirements. It is mainly used in pipeline systems without pollution, or mixtures. It is a modern and widely used valve. It is mainly used in brewing, dairy products, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Operating Principles

The single seat valve series is operated remotely by compressed air.The purpose of opening and closing the valve by controlling the relative position of the spool (cut-off type)or changing the direction of medium flow (reversing type). The single-seat valve series equipped with Baode 1066 intelligent controller can not only realize the remote control of single-seat valve, but also realize the real time monitoring of valve working status and timely feedback of signals. It can also only be equipped with position seat valve mounted train sensor. The single seat valve series can be matched with the Baode 1066 controller by installing adapter plates.

Actuator Function:
Pneumatic downward movement, spring reset
Pneumatic upward movement, spring reset
Aerodynamic upward and downward motion (AA)